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2016 Awards

Awards Presented at the 2016 NWCCC Conference

Digital Salon

Print Salon

Rix Showcase

Rix Showcase Award
George Cvetkovich (Bellingham Photo Club)  Land of of Rolling Hills – The Palouse

Rix Showcase Photo Essay, 1st Place
Mary Ye Wang (Puget Sound Camera Club)  Africa Safari 2016

Rix Showcase Photo Essay, 2nd Place
Leia Smith (Seattle Photographic Society)  Love & Devotion

Rix Showcase Photo Essay, 3rd Place
George Cvetkovich (Bellingham Photo Club)  Chum Run

Rix Showcase Travel Essay, 1st Place
Nichon Thorstrom Smith  Black and White

Rix Showcase Travel Essay, 2nd Place
William Royce  Cuban Doorways: Portals to a Culture

Rix Showcase Travel Essay, 3rd Place
Lauren and Henry Heerschap  Buon Appetito