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2016 Conference Schedule:

Time Class Instructor
8:00-8:50 Late Registration, Refreshments
9:00-10:15 General Session A Passion for Light Tim Grey
10:30-11:20 Class Getting Started in Photoshop Tim Grey
10:30-11:20 Class Art of Street Photography
(and a visit to Cuba)
Bill Royce
10:30-11:20 Class Papers & Printing Veronica Cotter/Mark Fitzgerald
10:30-11:20 Class Writing an Artist Statement & Biography Lori Hoffman
10:30-11:20 Class Light Control in the Studio John Cornicello
10:30-11:20 Class Deeper into the Development Module in Lightroom David Julian
11:30-12:15 Lunch
11:30-12:15 Delegate Session and Board Meeting
12:30-1:20 Class Advanced Adjustments in Photoshop Tim Grey
12:30-1:20 Class Introduction to Lightroom 6/CC Bill Royce
12:30-1:20 Class Papers & Printing Workshop Veronica Cotter/Mark Fitzgerald
12:30-1:20 Class Unique Birds, Animal and Nature Photographs Dan Suckow
12:30-1:20 Class The Pre-Edit in Sony Mirrorless Cameras Sean Knighton
12:30-1:20 Class Photography with Intention John Cornicello
12:30-1:20 Class Discovery Through Travel Photography David Julian
1:25-2:15 General Session The Informed Photographer Tim Grey
2:15-3:00 General Session Award Ceremony
3:10-4:00 Class Photoshop Tips & Tricks Tim Grey
3:10-4:00 Class Easy Focus Stacking (FULL) Ursa Davis
3:10-4:00 Class Night Photography in an Urban Environment (FULL) Brian Leary
3:10-4:00 Class Professional Practices in the Arts Lori Hoffman
3:10-4:00 Class Photographing the Photographer John Cornicello
4:10-5:00 Class Q&A Tim Grey
4:10-5:00 Class Deeper into Lightroom Bill Royce
4:10-5:00 Class Breaking the Rules of Photography Ursa Davis
4:10-5:00 Class Graduated Neutral Density in Landscape Brian Leary
4:10-5:00 Class Pricing Your Photos Lori Hoffman
4:10-5:00 Class Sony Camera Apps Sean Knighton