2017 Conference

Thanks for everyone that made our 2017 NWCCC Conference a huge success. We look forward to seeing you at our next Conference on November 1o, 2018. Details to come. 

Award Winners – The slideshows of the winners of the Print and Digital Salons are posted here

Class Notes – These instructors teach in a variety of situations. To protect their investment of time in preparing this material, we are limiting access to attendees at the 2017 NWCCC Conference. You would have received an email with the password needed to open this documents. If you were not notified or have lost the email, please contact us at webman@nwcameraclubs.org.  Note that not all of the instructors provided notes. 

Notes from Bill Ray’s class:

Notes from Bill Royce’s classes:

Notes from Brian Leary’s Classes