2021 Conference Schedule

Schedule is subject to change. Final schedule will be updated prior to conference and sent out to registered participants.

Saturday, Nov 13


Doors open. Print Salon available for viewing.

1:00 PM

Erwin Buske: Photographic Adventures in Washington and the Pacific Northwest

2:30 PM

Awards Ceremony

3:30 PM

Print Salon closes

4:00 PM

Erwin Buske: Sources of Inspiration
Sunday, Nov. 14

7:00 PM

Darrell Gulin: What Is Macro Photography to Me
A totally new and redesigned Macro program covering what lenses I use, some ideas on subject matter, focus stacking, programs used for noise control, sharping and cropping without losing megapixels. Macro is for you during these times of Covid.
Monday, Nov 15

5:00 PM

Jack Graham: Monochrome Photography
For many photographers’ color presents a lot of challenges. In many images, the use of monochrome brings out the shapes and textures stronger than color. Perhaps it’s that in many images color can be distracting and taking away the drama of the scene. In monochrome photography, one can adjust the brightness, shadows and contrast to their individual liking, just as we can with color, but the unexpected, monochrome, is often stronger and evokes far different responses to the viewer than color images do. We’ll delve into why and how to make the most of monochrome imagery.

7:00 PM

Daniel Gregory: Creating Fine-Art Prints
For many photographers having the chance to see their prints on the wall makes a strong impact. Having the chance to hold, touch, and connect to our images in the real world shifts how we think about our work behind the camera and in the darkroom. Printing makes us better photographers. And yet, for many of us, getting our prints to match our imagination can be a challenge. This class focuses on approaches to creating fine-art prints as both a craft and a visual experience.
Topics include:
• Very quick overview of color management settings
• Discussion of printers and purchasing printers and ink
• Basic editing in Lightroom and Camera RAW when it comes time to print
• Sharpening
• Review of papers
• Define what makes a good print
• Participant Q&A
Tuesday, Nov 16

5:00 PM

John Pedersen: Storytelling Through Visual Imagery
How to create a more compelling photograph through the concept of storytelling in the images, using the subject and compositional elements combined to create images that can evoke emotion or tell a story. The use of color, light, shape, element relationships, positional weight, texture, pattern, color and how we as photographers can use what is given to us in the landscape, through artful composition, to craft a compelling composition using these elements. As much as we say we don’t shoot for others, we all do share our images and we all have a creative voice. So, by learning how to tell clear and impactful “stories” in our photographs we can achieve more connection with our viewers. (90 min.)

7:00 PM

Rob Knight: Beginning Wildlife Photography
Whether you’re traveling the world or spending time in your own backyard, wildlife photography offers many challenges and great rewards, Rob will show you how to make the most of your wildlife photography opportunities. Rob will discuss autofocus settings and exposure modes for different wildlife photography scenarios. He will cover the basic skills you need to freeze the action and capture sharp photos. You will get a look inside Rob’s camera bag to find out what tools he uses to capture wildlife photos from Grand Teton NP to the rain forests of Costa Rica and beyond.
But there’s more to creating compelling wildlife photos than accurate autofocus. Rob will discuss creative techniques you can use to capture wildlife photos that are as interesting as they are technically proficient.
This webinar is good for any skill level, whether you’re ready to jumpstart your wildlife photography or add to your wildlife photography skillset.
Wednesday, November 17

5:00 PM

Rob Knight: Creative Photography- Tips and Techniques
There is more to a great photograph than aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. The camera, lens, computer, etc. are merely the means to an end. Are you ready to move beyond your tools and focus on creating images that speak to you? This presentation will help you see past the technical aspects of photography to explore creativity and personal style.
Like any skill, thinking and seeing creatively becomes easier the more you do it. Rob Knight will show you exercises you can do to help you find your unique point of view and hone your photographic style. You will learn tips and techniques you can practice to tune in to your surroundings and develop your creative vision.
No matter your skill level or your favorite photography subject, this presentation will give you ideas for creating images that come from your heart.

7:00 PM

Nic Stover: Technique, Vision, and Processing of Landscape Scenes
There are 5 types of scenes that are most commonly encountered by nature and landscape photographers. This presentation focuses on the techniques used to capture these images, what the vision was for the scene, and processing these images taking into account the variables that make each scene a little different than another.
Through this presentation you will learn ways to help you to discover how you could look at these distinct areas differently, see some simple ways to discover new places, and have greater confidence to express yourself in new ways.
We will review best practices for these 5 distinct types of scenes.
1. Exploring Arid Lands (Desert Photography)
2. Discovering the Wispy & Magical (Seascapes Photography)
3. Empowered by Grandeur (Grand Landscapes Photography)
4. The beauty of the small (Intimate Landscapes / Small Scenes photography)
5. Things that go Click in the Night (Night Photography)
Thursday, Nov. 18

5:00 PM

Rob Knight: Travel Photography
Rob has had the chance to work with and interview some of the top traveling photographers in the industry. He has combined what he’s learned from his colleagues with his own travel photography experience to create this program to help you make better photos on the road.
Rob will go through some of the tools that are available to help you plan your trip, including apps for your smart phone and resources on the internet. Then you’ll learn tips and techniques to make the most of your shooting time in the field. You will explore great travel photography to discover what sort of shots should be in your travel photography portfolio to capture the “sense of place” that we hope to bring home when we travel.
Rob will round out the discussion by talking about your camera gear options. There has been a lot of new technology over the last few years, but the fundamental needs of a travel photographer haven’t changed. Rob will help you decide on the perfect camera equipment for your next trip.

7:00 PM

Jennifer Renwick: The Power of Photography Projects- Creating Stories with Photos
Sometimes, we discover that one photograph isn't always enough to tell the whole story in our photographic journeys. Instead, we find that a collection of photographs may better collectively tell a complete story. This idea of curating photos into a collection is where photography projects shine. Photography projects are a great way to collect ideas, celebrate themes, share the beauty in a subject, and narrate a story through photos. Photography projects can keep us creating, discovering, and motivate ourselves. They're a gateway into discovering our creativity, and they can keep inspiring us from behind the lens. In this presentation, Jennifer will share how she stays inspired by curating photography projects. She will share what photography projects are, how to curate them, ideas on how to get started creating them, and how you, too, can discover the power of photography projects!