2021 NWCCC Conference

2021 NWCCC Conference $60

Note: if you are registered and haven’t received the email with the links, please send an email to help@nwcameraclubs.org

Online Classes – Sunday, November 14 – Thursday, November 20

Still time to register for the online classes. Recordings of the class will be available until December 31, 2021 for everyone who registers.

Keynote Speaker: Erwin Buske

“As a photographer I am both a witness and interpreter of nature. My goal is to capture the essence of the landscape through the lens of my inner vision.  The canvas for my image is nature.”

Erwin Buske is a Pacific Northwest photographic creator, teacher and writer specializing in nature and landscape. His work has been recognized by Nature’s Best/Smithsonian (finalist and top 100 in the Wilderness Forever Contest), National Geographic (published), Outdoor Photographer (finalist in Nature’s Colors Contest), Washington Wild (1st place in 2018) and Landscape Photographer Magazine.

He will be presenting two talks on Saturday:

  • Photographic Adventures in Washington and the Pacific Northwest
  • Sources of Inspiration

Note that we will recording Erwin’s talks and making them available for viewing at the end of the online conference. The recordings will be online until December 31, 2021.

To learn more about Erwin and see his photography, go to https://www.erwinbuske.com

Awards Ceremony

Click Here for the 2021 Winners

Online Classes

Sunday, November 14 through Thursday, November 18.

We will have online classes from a variety of instructors and topics including:

  • Darrell Gulin
  • Jennifer Renwick
  • Jack Graham
  • John Pedersen
  • Daniel Gregory
  • Rob Knight
  • Nic Stover

Click here for the complete schedule (times and descriptions subject to change)

All classes will be recorded and made available until December 31, 2021. Erwin’s presentations will also be recorded and made available for viewing by Friday, November 19.

Covid Protocols for 2021 NWCCC Conference

Thank you for registering for the in-person portion of the NWCCC Conference.  To use the building, the Board of Directors have agreed to the following rules for attendance:

  1. All persons in attendance have stated they have been fully vaccinated from Covid-19.
  2. All in attendance attest that they are not sick or have not been recently exposed to a person with Covid-19 within the last two days.
  3. Masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn at all times by all persons.
  4. No food or drink inside the building. Bottled water will be provided on a table by the entrance, for consumption outside.
  5. Social distancing between persons is required.
  6. Please sit every other seat unless you are family or have permission from the person sitting next to you.