2023 NWCCC Open Digital Salon Competition

DIGITAL DIRECTOR: Henry Heerschap   
Email: digital.competition@nwcameraclubs.org   phone: 206-719-1782

Digital Salon Entry Form

Last Day for Entry: October 10, 2023


    • Any member of a club belonging to the Northwest Council of Camera Clubs may enter. Go to https://nwcameraclubs.org/member-clubs/ to see a complete list of eligible clubs.

    • The subject is OPEN – color, monochrome, and creative/altered reality images in any category are acceptable as long as a photograph is the primary component.

    • All images must have been created by the entrant. If the image is a composite, all of the elements of the image must originate with the maker. For example, use of third-party textures or stock photos is not allowed. 

    • Each entrant may submit up to a MAXIMUM of four (4) images total.  If you submit more than four, it is up to the discretion of the Digital Director to determine which four images will be entered. If there is time, the Director will attempt to contact the entrant if there is a problem.

  • Image size shall not exceed 1920 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high. File size should be limited to 2000 kB, be in JPEG format, and sRGB color space for consistency in judging. Also, be careful not to make your images too small as that will have a negative impact on the quality of the judges’ viewing experience. The Digital Director will let you know if there are any issues with your entries. 
    Note that the new submission form limits the size of each image to 2 megabytes. If you have trouble resizing your image, please contact the Director at the email address at the top of this page. 

  • Photographers are encouraged to enter new work, but images that have not previously received an NWCCC Competition award may be resubmitted.

    Images entered in the interclub 2023 Traveling Image Salon are NOT eligible for this competition.

  • Please use the online form to send in your entries. Please contact the Director at the email address at the top of this page if you have any questions. 

  • Each image should be named as follows:

    Maker’s Name_Title_Club Code.jpg
    Example: Henry Heerschap_Blue Lupine_PSCC.jpg

    Use underscores between maker’s name, title and club code. Use spaces between first and last name as well as words in the title.
    Each image title needs to be unique. “Untitled” is acceptable if you use “Untitled #1”, “Untitled #2”, etc.
    Please follow this format carefully. It greatly helps the Director as he prepares these images for judging.

  • When you submit your entry form, you should receive a confirmation email. In addition, the Digital Director will attempt to acknowledge receipt of your entry personally. If you do not receive a confirmation by the end of the day, please contact the Director at the email address at the top of this page.

Strict adherence to these rules is necessary to avoid being disqualified. Please direct any questions to the Digital Director.


Judging will be by qualified judges who are not affiliated with NWCCC or its member clubs.


Individual awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place. Honorable Mention awards will also be given.

Special awards will be given for the following:

      • Best of Creative
      • Best of Landscape
      • Best of Nature
      • Best of People
      • Best of Wildlife

Awards will be announced and awarded at the Annual NWCCC Conference on November 11, 2023


A slideshow of winners will be shown at the Annual NWCCC Conference on November 11, 2023. This show will be posted on the NWCCC website and be made available to member clubs.


The entrant must be the sole owner of the copyright. By entering your image into the competition, you grant NWCCC the right to use your images in promotions and/or posting on the NWCCC website. The photographer will be credited wherever possible. The photographer retains ownership of their images.


Neither NWCCC nor its volunteers shall be held responsible for failure of receipt, loss, or loss of quality of any image entered into any NWCCC competition. 

DIGITAL DIRECTOR: Henry Heerschap   
Email: digital.competition@nwcameraclubs.org   phone: 206-719-1782