2023 NWCCC Open Print Salon Competition

Sam Ruljancich, Print Director, samrul@msn.com (206) 433-8901
Alan Moodie, Co-Print Director, alanmoodiemail@gmail.com (425) 678-3330
Print Delivery Address (Alan Moodie): 9024 240th St SW Edmonds WA 98026

Open Print Salon Entry Form

An Individual Competition

Prints from members of NWCCC clubs may submit prints as individuals. Prints are judged by independent judge(s) prior to the fall conference. All Open prints are displayed, and the awards are announced at the fall NWCCC conference.

Entry Deadline: October 10

All Open prints must be received by the NWCCC Co-Print Director Alan Moodie no later than October 10, 2023. Prints may be mailed or hand-delivered to Alan Moodie at the address above. An email registration form will be sent to each club’s Print Director. The prints will be judged, then displayed at the NWCCC November Conference, and awards presented.


  1. The online entry form must be submitted prior to delivering your prints. You will receive an email receipt after submitting the form. Please print and include with your prints. 
  2. The photograph must be the work of the entrant. Use of a print that has previously won an award in an NWCCC Print Competition will disqualify the print. 
  3. Images must originate from a photograph taken by the entrant. Vector elements are not allowed. Other graphic elements must have been created by the maker in a photo-editing software program, but not in vector software such as Illustrator.
  4. All prints must be on firm support. You are not permitted to use Masonite or other heavy mounting materials, frames, or glass. Your club print director has the option to allow 3/16” foam core backing in their print competition entries as long as the club takes responsibility for overpacking, or to limit entry numbers to prevent overpacking when the club submits prints in their shipping case. Matting may be added to the front of the image. The print title, name of the club, and the maker’s name must be on the back of the print, preferably in the top right corner and the title must agree with the entry form and in the correct image orientation.  Text cannot appear on the front side. Print titles need to be unique. “Untitled” is acceptable if you use “Untitled #1”, etc.
  5. Print submissions are entered as Large Monochrome, Small Monochrome, Large Color, or Small Color.
    All of your entries must be Large or Small. No mixing of the two sizes.
  6. Prints may be picked up in person at the close of the NWCCC Conference.  Clubs’ print directors will be responsible for coordinating pickup and print return to the maker.
  7. Monochromemeans “one color”.  A monochrome or black-and-white print consists of one color (white is not a color but an absence of color).  Additional tones must be applied globally.
  8. Judging criteria shall be based on the elements of Impact/Interest, Composition, Originality/Creativity and Technical Quality and story. Judging will be by non-affiliated judge(s).
  9. The Northwest Council of Camera Clubs will take all possible care of the prints. As a condition of entry, NWCCC will not be responsible for damage or loss.
  10. The NWCCC Print Directors are the ruling discretionary authority on the rules and their application.

A maximum of three (3) Color and three (3) Monochrome prints may be entered in the Open Print Salon with a maximum of six (6) total prints per photographer. The Color and Monochrome categories are divided into Large and Small size categories. A photographer must enter either the Large or Small size print category, but not both. Each size category will be judged separately if entry numbers permit.  The size categories are specified below. 

  • Small PrintsMount/Mat size must be 8″x10″ up to 192 square inches (for example, 12″x16″) maximum. Prints may be up to a Maximum of 96 square inches (for example, 8”x12”) with a Minimum size of 5”x7”. The Mount/Mat size must still be as specified above.
  • Large Prints Mount/Mat size must be 8″x12″ up to 16″x20″ maximum.  Prints may be up to a Maximum 16”x20” with a Minimum size of 96 square inches (for example, 8”x12”).

NWCCC Open Print Salon Awards

In the final judging, independent judge(s) will select the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, and Honorable Mention awards for the Color and Monochrome categories in each size category. In addition, at the judge(s) discretion, Special Awards may also be awarded for select categories such as Portrait, Photojournalism, Nature, Creative, Landscape, etc. There will be a People’s Choice Award and a Best of Show Award.