2023 Digital Slideshow Competition
Rules & Guidelines

Chair: Henry Heerschap slideshow.competition@nwcameraclubs.org
Last Day for Entry: October 10, 2023

Click Here for Entry Form

Two categories:

    • Photo Essay – Can cover any subject except travel. There are no restrictions on the subject matter, content, or special effects. However, a slideshow may be disqualified by the competition chair if it is deemed inappropriate for a general audience.
    • Travel Essay – A travel sequence of a place, people, or geographical area.


    • Competition is open to any individual members of an NWCCC member club. A full list of eligible clubs can be found at https://nwcameraclubs.org/member-clubs/.
    • Entries can be by an individual, the work of one person; or a group, a collaborative entry with several makers.
    • All images must be the maker’s, or the group’s members’ own images, except for:
      • Photos or art not made by the entrant (for example, photos of historical persons, photos of the earth from space, historical photos of buildings or maps, etc., needed to tell the story) can comprise no more than 10% of the show.
    • Shows can have a maximum running time of no more than five (5) minutes. This is strictly enforced. Longers shows will be disqualified.
    • DO NOT include the maker’s name in the submitted show. If you are an award winner, you will be asked to submit a copy of your show with the maker’s credits. 
    • Shows should include music credits (see section on music guidelines).
    • Limit of two (2) entries per person and two (2) entries per group. Members of a group may also enter individually. A single person could potentially enter four times if two of them are with a group.
    • You must indicate on your registration form the category you are entering. If you are entering two, they can be in the same category or in each separate category.
    • Slideshows must be submitted in MP4 or M4V. No other format will be accepted.
    • A completed entry form must accompany each entry.

Note on music:
Due to copyright issues, any slideshow featuring commercial music for which the maker does not have permission to use may not be featured on the NWCCC website regardless of whether it wins or not. We encourage competition participants to use royalty-free music whenever possible. Click here for music guidelines and resources for more information. 

Judging criteria

Judging will be based on such criteria as:

    • Photographic mastery (image quality, composition, exposure, etc.)
    • Slideshow production skills (timings, transitions, music use, etc.)
    • Entertainment value (tells a story, expresses a theme, educates and/or inspires the audience, etc.)
    • Originality and impact.

Click here for a document by the Photographic Society of America for an expanded description of what the judges are looking for.
Final awards will be determined by qualified judges unaffiliated with the NWCCC or its clubs.

Rix Showcase Award for Best in Show.
Named in honor of past NWCCC Board Member Howard C. Rix, FPSA.
First, second, and third place awards will be awarded in each of the two categories.

Winning shows may be shown at the NWCCC Annual Conference and possibly posted to the NWCCC website.

NWCCC and its volunteers are not responsible for failure of receipt, loss, or damage of any shows entered into the competition.

Consent and Copyright
The entrant must be the sole author(s) of the copyright. By entering your show into the competition, you grant to NWCCC the right to use your show for promotions and/or posting on the NWCCC website. The photographer will be credited whenever possible. The ownership of the show and the images will remain with the maker or makers.

Submitting Your Show
After submitting the entry form, your show must be submitted electronically. The email address to use is slideshow.competition@nwcameraclubs.org
Options include: