still miss my ex after 10 years

Question: I was in a serious relationship during my college days. He and I were together for 6 months. I miss him and I can't stop trying to find him. He or she just wants things to return to normal, but that's not possible if you're still heartbroken. I just found out today that the ex and his wife (my friend) have purchased property in a place where WE as a family would spend summers. The problem here is that after 10 years I'm still thinking about my first. I feel like a emotional nut job! Your ex might not understand all of that. What I'm trying to say is, don't let him hold you back. And yet 20 years later I still think of Sarah. I no longer talk to him or look at photos or social media. (If you have to see your ex at school, keep your encounters short and sweet.)

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