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About the NWCCC

The Northwest Council of Camera Clubs (NWCCC) is a non-profit association of camera clubs in western Washington State. The Council provides a network to share photographic expertise, promote regional competitions and communicate education opportunities.

NWCCC is committed to the following values:

  • Communicating to its member clubs through the web site, newsletters, and personal contacts, as well as encouraging member club participation in this networking
  • Encouraging quality education opportunities and competitions to help its members become better photographers and raise their standard of accomplishments
  • Providing a vehicle where member clubs can share information to improve their programs, educational opportunities and competitions
  • Promoting a spirit of fellowship among its members and encouraging social contacts among photographers
  • Promoting and environment where members can increase their creativity and artistic expression
  • Providing strength, leadership, and aids to help member clubs increase their membership
  • Serving its member clubs with inspiration, encouragement, and respect for all
  • Taking responsibility for doing its job to the best of its combined abilities
  • Performing all its endeavours with honesty, integrity and fairness

NWCCC Board of Directors

NWCCC By-laws

The Northwest Council of Camera Clubs is a member of the Photographic Society of America