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The scenes at Wester Drumlins were shot in a derelict house in Newport. David Tennant, unusual amongst other Doctors, began and ended on special episodes, not regular ones. Steven Moffat (The Doctor is on a monitor screen in a room at the far end.) [8] The scene wherein the Doctor talks to Sally via a DVD extra was created by writing a conversation, removing Sally's lines, then having David Tennant record his lines. Below you can find the thoughts and memories from those involved in the episode, Doctor Who writers and actors, and journalists. She screams at the Doctor to help them, even as the TARDIS fades, leaving them crouching in the middle of the circle of Angels. [31] The Daily Telegraph named the episode one of the best of the show's entire run, noting that, while the Doctor "is somewhat on the periphery here", it "adds to the threat". The next morning, Kathy and Sally return to the house; Kathy has a laugh that they are acting like detectives. It has since received mass critical praise. And DON'T. If any living thing looks at the Angels, they immediately turn to stone until they are no longer looked at. Four Weeping Angel statues follow Sally to the police station, where they take an impounded fake police box and send DI Billy Shipton back to 1969. [51] They also returned in "The Angels Take Manhattan" from the show's seventh series ,[52][53] featured in the mini-episode, "Good as Gold", written by children for a Blue Peter contest[54] and have made cameo appearances in the episodes "The God Complex", "The Time of the Doctor", "Hell Bent" and in the finale to the first series of the Doctor Who spin-off, Class. [28] David Bradley of SFX awarded "Blink" five out of five stars, saying that it could have featured any of the previous Doctors and predicted that its "timelessness" would ensure that it would "[go] down as one of the finest, scariest, cleverest Who episodes ever". [9] The practice began with the 2006 entry "Love & Monsters", and continued for episodes such as "Turn Left", "Midnight",[14] and "The Girl Who Waited". When Sally gets to the DVD shop, she goes into the back to find Larry. The Angels send their victims into the past and feed off the days they never had. He then passes on the Doctor's message - "look at the list" - the list being the DVD list Larry gave her. Premiere network: In 2007, a much older Billy phones Sally to visit him on his deathbed in the hospital. When she asks how, he states that he has run out of transcript, but he can guess why: he surmises that the Weeping Angels are closing in, forcing her to flee and so left the transcript unfinished. Blink is truly a classic slice of Doctor Who. [9], "Blink" was first broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC One on 9 June 2007. BBC One One of them has a Yale key in its hand. The Doctor mentions that he has a copy of the transcript on his autocue. Monsters. Realising this, Sally thinks he can hear them, but Larry explains that he always says it and that he has got a transcript of the Easter egg with him. The only catch: the Weeping Angels can move in the blink of an eye. Larry willingly flees to rejoin with Sally. [8] Although they are never shown moving on screen, all of the Weeping Angels were played by actresses Aga Blonska and Elen Thomas wearing makeup and prosthetics. Doctor Who … Moffat felt that this one-way filming made the performance more convincing. DOCTOR [on screen]: Yet. He shows her a collection of cars with something strange in common: all of them were found outside the Wester Drumlins house (some with their motors still running) and all of their owners vanished without a trace. When Larry brings Sally the list of DVDs, a vintage White Star Line sticker can be seen stuck to the back of the folder; For reasons unknown, while the original BBC One broadcast and subsequent Region 2 DVD release of the episode includes a "One year later" on-screen graphic prior to the epilogue scene, broadcasts of the episode in North America, as well as Region 1 DVD release, omit this. The episode is based on a previous short story written by Moffat for the 2006 Doctor Who Annual, entitled "'What I Did on My Christmas Holidays' By Sally Sparrow". Season 10 actually began nine years after season 1 started. At that moment, Kathy's grandson delivers to the house a message from 1987 about the long life Kathy led. The concept of the Doctor's first encounter with someone also being that person's final encounter with him would later be significantly expanded upon with the character of. [25], A Region 2 DVD containing "Blink" together with the episodes "Human Nature" and "The Family of Blood" was released on 23 July 2007. So then. Believing he had "messed everything up", Moffat offered to "throw [himself] onto the grenade of the unpopular episode", referring to the Doctor-lite concept. Sally turns to the hall to see Kathy's naked brother, Larry, who desperately hoped he was wearing pants. Larry gives Sally a list of the DVDs. [8] Mulligan later called the effects "so good" and "really creepy". (CON episode). The Angel is now in the room with them, baring sharp teeth in a savage snarl and outstretching clawed fingers towards them. (Season 3, Episode 10) Video Extra RUSSELL T DAVIES, Doctor Who showrunner 2005-2010: Despite not being filmed in HD, the Blu-Ray features an upscaled picture and fewer compression artefacts. Outside, Sally finds the key she took from the Angel's hand in her coat pocket. See more ideas about doctor who, doctor, dr who. Billy can be seen in the police station with a patch on his jacket depicting a sparrow, a possible joke on the main character's last name. She rushes over to talk to them, only to find that he doesn't recognise her as the events of her past are still in his future. Featuring: Both the Doctor and his companion Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman, have very little screen time in this episode, which allowed for another episode to be filmed simultaneously; "Blink" is consequently sometimes referred to by fans as a "Doctor-lite" episode. The only hope to stop them is a young woman named Sally Sparrow and her friend Larry Nightingale. [59][60][61] The line was also referenced in the first episode of the fifth series, "The Eleventh Hour", when the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) scans the crack in young Amelia Pond's (Caitlin Blackwood) wall with his sonic screwdriver. ← Previous [5], Moffat had held the idea of the Weeping Angels since seeing an angel statue in a graveyard whilst on a family holiday, and had planned to use them for the next series in the episodes that became "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead". The Doctor is speaking to an audience, telling them not to turn away, not to look away, and not to blink. Producer: It clinched Steven Moffat the showrunner job when Russell T. … Tenth Doctor, Martha The story of not one, but two relationships was told, several time lines intersected and a new and rather frightening enemy was vanquished without The Doctor ever coming face to face with them". Sally calls her best friend Kathy Nightingale, despite the late hour; she answers, groggily, but refuses to leave her home. Sally and Larry use the Yale key to hide inside. They are looking to get into the TARDIS, which is filled with time energy, which the Angels will feast on forever but the damage they could do could switch off the sun. Don't turn your back, don't look away, and don't blink. Main character(s): He makes the same random comments from the video store, but now they fit perfectly into what Larry and Sally are saying. Production code: She was initially concerned with the fact that Tennant would have little screen time, but after the episode aired was very pleased with the final result. Billy gets up to see the Doctor and Martha, who tell him he is in 1969, because of the "touch of an Angel"; most likely the same one as he is in the same year that they are. Larry puts the DVD into the console and the TARDIS begins to dematerialise. They head towards the door, keeping their eyes on the Angels. [18] Fields House, located in Newport, filled in for Wester Drumlins. However, the scene shifts to montage across the public statuary, punctuated with the Doctor's recorded warnings, as though to warn us that there might be other Angels lurking among the statues... "Blink and you're dead. Moffat noted that "very little of it was tarted up" for the shoot; Moffat later called the location "the creepiest house" he had ever seen. “Blink.” Honestly, what more is there to say about this one? Memorable moment Script release: They look up. The first episode in BBC AMERICA's The Doctor's Finest selection of Doctor Who episodes airs this Saturday, August 15: the classic 2007 episode "Blink." Sally shows Kathy the message on the wall and the Weeping Angel but thinks it is now closer to the house than before. Doctor Who television stories Martha advises Billy to nod when the Doctor stops for breath. Sally visits Kathy's brother Larry at work to tell him Kathy loves him. Oscar-nominating actress Carey Mulligan features in “Blink,” aka one of the best Doctor Who episodes of all time, but her role on the iconic British program could have been much bigger.

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