June 9 10 AM to 3 PM

Digital Printing and Mat Cutting Workshop

with Daniel Gregory and Jerry Dunbar $15 

OneLife Community Church 3524 NE 95th St, Seattle  (Click here for map)

Bring a 5X7 photo for the mat cutting workshop. If you have a mat cutter, bring it.


For many photographers, the print still represents the culmination of the photographic act. This presentation is about how to setup to make best print possible. Rather than focusing on techniques to edit images in Lightroom and Photoshop, this presentation is about what happens before we start to edit an image and what happens with the printer settings that can impact our printing.  Over the course of the presentation, we break the printing process down into a few key areas in an attempt to simplify the process and still make sure that you get the best print possible. We start with by diving into proper color management and working environments and how those impact the printing process. We will then look how to maximize your printing for both Epson and Canon printers using both Lightroom, Photoshop, and third party printing options for both color and black and white printing. Finally, we will close out the presentation with how to troubleshoot and maintain your printers for optimal performance. 

Daniel Gregory will be speaking 10 am to noon; we will break for lunch (sign up for $5 pizza and drink or go out) and at 1 pm to 3 pm meet for a hands on mat cutting workshop led by Jerry Dunbar.