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@ Bridge Day 2016. I read the book in one day because I couldn't put it down. Please put a rig on, you are making me nervous!! Hellfish # 1129 - Aaron Mullins over Mokuleia Beach on the north shore of Oahu. Club members consist of men and women out to … Glaze Hoster (HF # 994) after a long day at work??? addy20734b2dd31346655bf5eae53b59de63 = addy20734b2dd31346655bf5eae53b59de63 + 'sbcglobal' + '.' + 'net'; Brian Lancaster - Hellfish #1069 after BASE Jumping off the cliff overlooking "Shipwreck Beach" on the Island of Zaknthos, Greece. Feb 10, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Luis García Rodrigo. HF # 675 - Michael Pelzer (far right) at Skydive Tecumseh (@Napoleon). The student is Shayma Rose and Ben O'Leary is jumping in the background. Pure Hellfish!! Her tandem master is Cliff Alfiche, HF #94. Anthony incurred a severe injury and lost his lower leg in Iraq. Hellfish # 1210, SPC Nicole Bissonnette, riding in a Troop Transport that is a little more comfortable than what she usually rides in. Looks like Chicago, Josh Hohner, Hellfish # 1005, receives his A License from Steve Kanat. Josh Magill (HF # 995) on left in 4-Way, Alan Olvera, Heather Colleen Duquet, & Alina Borovika (HF # 969). Pretty impressive..... Hellfish # 1178, Rachel Kennedy and Hellfish #1179, Mike Claus got married in Ireland this past spring. Hellfish # 1196, Ryan Kemppainen, just completing a glider ride. "The Simpsons" Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in 'The Curse of the Flying Hellfish' (TV Episode 1996) Dan Castellaneta as Grampa … Hellfish # 1200, SFC Michael Geary, Commanding Officer of the Hellfish 1-3 Squad with General Petraeus, Commanding General U.S. Central Command and subsequently Commanding General Multi-National Force - Iraq. Adam Moyer (HF # 1113) in blue far right with Claire Greenshields (HF # 1065), Dierdre Knobelock (HF # 1079) next to Adam,  adn I'm going to need some help with the  otheers names. Norbert (HF # 1116) on left with Larry Ekstrom (HF # 121) on the right. Hellfish # 1203, SGT Carl King (left), with HF# 1205, SPC Ken Miller (right). Larry Ekstrom (HF # 121 in Blue on left) and Marty MacDonald (HF #2 on the right in white), Doug Coleman - Hellfish #1089 -  @ Midwest Freefall with the Geezer Squad, Sam Brown - Hellfish #1088 -  @ Midwest Frefall with the Geezer Squad, Sam Brown - Hellfish #1088 -  @  Midwest Freefall setting the State Record for Skydivers over Seventy, Bob Futrell - Hellfish #1086 (center) with Aaron Burwell (HF #794 on left) and Joey Nenni (HF #1027 on the right) @-  @ Skydive Temple in Texas, Greg Baltzer - Hellfish #1085 -  @ Skydive Tecumseh / Napoleon, John F. Kennedy (aka JFK) - Hellfish #1084, John F. Kennedy - Hellfish #1084 (right) with Marty MacDonald (HF #2 - center) and Greg Baltzer (HF #1085 (left), John F. Kennedy - Hellfish #1084 @ Skydive Tecumseh. Hugh is an Instructor at the U.S. Air Force Academy and a member of the Academy's "Wings of Blue" Skydiving Team. Hellfish # 1175 - Mike Parkkila (right) doing a 5-Way over Midwest Freefall. Doug Coleman (HF #1091) shot freefall video for the record. Janos Pajor (HF #1007) with Sam Kovacsevics (HF # 1003) who was visiting Janos in Hungary in December, 2014. Hellfish # 1141 - Hugh Funk. Hellfish #1225, Marianne getting off the "Beer Board". HF # 130 - Pina Prosperi jumping in what looks to be a very dangerous costume to be skydiving in. Kinsey Taylor (Hellfish #1112) OK, we are officially impressed, Andy Heins - Hellfish #1111 just got his A License. Hellfish #1228, Zibby (center) with her 4- Way Team, "Khaboom!" Hellfish #996 Heather Colleen Duquet with Lucky Day (HF # TBA), Alina Borovika (HF # 969) & Brittany Hodge, 996 Heather Colleen Duquet (HF # 996) straying to the "Dark Side" (freestyle), Stew Elder (HF # 884), Josh Magill (HF # 995), Michael Daggett (HF # 827), Alan Olvera, Greg Powell & Zatt Miegler (HF # 844). Hellfish # 1194, Molly Wilson at  Skydive Tecumseh, MI. HF # 677 - Pam Rizzo - ecstatic but probably also glad that is over. We adore The Simpsons, and we're guessing that you do too. Hellfish #1053 - Ralph Correia - getting ready to do a HALO jump from 30,000 ft. Chris Charest (HF# 1052) 2nd from left @ Skydive Crosskeys, Hellfish #1050 - Istvan Danyi and Janos Pajor (HF #1007), Hungarian National Director for Team Flying Hellfish, Istvan Danyi (HF #1050) and Janos Pajor (HF #1007), Istvan Danyi (HF #1050) and Janos Pajor )HF #1007) of the Hungarian National CReW Team, The Lovely Kristi Manilla - Hellfish #1049, Kristi Manilla - (HF #1049) getting ready to make a helicopter jump with Aaron Burwell (HF#794). Burns: Don't kill me! Bertrand can be seen at Bridge Day in various animal costumes. Lauren in freefall over Skydive Tecumseh. Hellfish # 1154 - Wendy Faulkner - longtime CReW jumper. HF # 726 "Idaho" Clark - did someone say "Partay'". Hellfish #1222, Siyi Qu (center) with Rex Bertrand (HF # 50 - left) at Skydive Tecumseh in Napoleon, MI. Hellfish # 1199, Lisa Jankowski, with "The Instigator", Andy Heins, HF #1111 who talked Lisa into going for her A License. If you have your very own Simpsons tattoo make sure to share it on the app using the hashtag #TheSimpsons. Jeff Delorme - Hellfish #1081 - Nice Hellfish Decal on Jeff's Helmet! The Helfish 1-3 proudly display their Hellfish shoulder patches . Hellfish # 1024 - Keith Newman from Georgetown, Texas. Hellfish # 1204, SPC Michael Mercado (left) with HF# 1209, SPC Michael Steadman (center) and HF #1210, Nicole Bissonnette (right). Hellfish # 1179, MIke Claus, with HF#1178, Rachel Kennedy and Nader Hammoud (HF#1162). On the left are HF # 1113 Adam Moyer (top) and HF #934, Lisa Miller (bottom). How did she get that strong? Here is one of the thousands of Photos taken by Luanne promoting the sport of BASE Jumping. .. Jennifer Rush (HF # 1015) on the left with Heather Colleen Duquet and Lucky Day?? Josh Magill demonstrating some real skills !!! Left to right: SGT Carl King (HF#1203), SPC Steve Avelino (HF#1201), SFC Michael Geary (HF#1200), SGT David Camara (HF#1211), and SGT Michael Salsgiver (HF#1206). Gem Hodges (HF #1066) hails from Australia but was in the States jumping at Skydive AZ. Hellfish #1232, Sydney doing a 4-Way with her sister, Ally Williams - HF#1176 (not shown). Hellfish # 1121 - Scott Schumacher (left) - getting ready to help Aaron Burwell (center - HF #794) make his Birthday Jump memorable. Hellfish # 1120 - Ryan Uhley exits the Caravan over Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI. Flying in formation in Brazil. Hellfish # 1119 - Cari Napier is in the 9 O'Clock position on this 10-Way (in pink). Hellfish #1218, Dave Matthews is in the outer ring at the 7 O'Clok position in black and red. Hellfish # 1208, SSG Brandon Ziskind, receiving his Hellfish shoulder patch from SFC Geary. Hellfish # 1120 - Ryan "The Bull" Uhley driving to the DZ. Hellfish # 1150 - Scott Maschek - is the new Co-Owner of Skydive Temple inTexas. The Flying Hellfish. Hellfish # 1123-  Ashley Lewis with her husband Aaron ( a Serviceman) and her two children. Hellfish # 1199, Lisa Jankowski, at Skydive Tecumseh (at Napoleon) getting ready to make her first training skydive. He previously received his C License. Hellfish # 1184, Steve Smith exits the Caravan at Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI, Hellfish # 1184, Steve Smith, over Southeast Michigan. Hellfish # 1135 - Jennifer "Jen" Johnson taking her father for a skydive. Christina Kase (HF # 967) with Rebecca Burns (HF# 908). Hellfish # 1185, Sarah Lombardo in Canopy Class at Midwest Freefall. He is in the cover photo in red just getting ready to exit a cliff in Europe.HF # 941 Chris Pingston @ TecumsehHF # 919 Manny RodgersHF # 914 Dave "Maverick" Dunkel, USAFHF # 909 Betsy DukeHF # 909 Betsy Duke, Kody Kosloski  (HF # 806) Tandem Instructor at Skydive Tecumseh, Kody Kosloski (HF # 806) being PCA'd by Sean Chuma (HF #725) during Chuma's Fisrt Jump Course at the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho. Scott was part of a 4-Way CRW Team that took Silver in Sequentials at the 2016 Nationals, Scott Lazarus - Hellfish #1099. Stuart Bearry (HF # 1012) with his new bride about a year ago. Hellfish # 1188, Josh Brueckner, doing a "Bat Hang" over Arizona. John on the right in white,  Larry Ekstrom in the center in blue and Sam Brown on the left in red. the simpsons in 16:9. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. The 10-Way formed the letters J.T. Corey "Dangles" Hewitt (HF #1110) demonstrating his innate Hellfish skills. Currently juumping st Skydive Temple in Texas. Troy Buzzard - Hellfish #1091 -  @ Midwest Freefall with the Geezer Squad. HF# 1023 Sebastian Mizgala on the right with Larry Ekstrom on the left. Hellfish #1227, Keller getting packing instructions from her dad at a very young age. Flying in formation in Brazil. You can't see it but there are huge smiles under those COVID masks on Tess and Jaclyn's faces after completing their skydives. Hellfish # 1149 - Chad Henderson. Hellfish # 1132 - Kay Dee - Landing after a wing suit jump around Moab, Utah ( I'm guessing Mineral Bottom). Hellfish #1239, Arron McClure is on the right with David Squier (HF#1240 - left) and Marty MacDonald (center - HF#2). Katie Hawkins (HF #1063 top-right) Looking even better !! Likes: writing, baseball, dumplings, American Traditional tattoos, punk rock. Nice job Pam!! Hellfish # 1184, Steve Smith. Is that a Hellfish Tattoo on her right arm - nice!! Hellfish # 1155 - Eric Bourquin doing his best imitation of Marty McFly in "Back to the Future". Here she poses with one of the thousands of BASE Jumpers that she has photographed jumping from the Bridge. Shop high-quality unique Grandpa Simpson T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. Jim was a long time skydiver and pilot. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Mike Malone (HF# 1006) going low but getting back up. with Manny Rodges (bottom left), Bill Rayburn (bottom right) and Phil Johnson (top right peeking out behind Bill). I highly recommend the book or the TV Series. Janos Pajor - HF # 1007 - flies (2) Hungarian Flags; one on top and one below. Hellfish #1235, James "Timber" Lambes, receives his A License at Skydive Tecumseh in Napoleon, MI, Hellfish #1235, James Lambes on a check dive at Skydive Tecumseh, Hellfish #1235, James (left) with Brad Wallace (HF # 982 - center), Mark McMananay (HF # 23 - right)  and Steve Kanat (HF #480 - with the camera), Hellfish #1234, Josh Pawson, with JJ and Ava. Cecil Jolley - Hellfish #1075 - Tandem Master, Damian Oliver (HF #1073) jumping Mary's Gash at Mineral Bottom north of Moab. Work-work-work! [Photo by Jeromy Alexander], Hellfish # 1171 - Kyle Reid (center) with Mike Matthews (HF #130 - left) and Marty MacDonald      ( HF #2 - right), Hellfish # 1171 - Kyle Reid (lower right), Mike Matthews (top center) and Larry Ekstrom (eft center) at Midwest Freefall in Ray, Michigan. Janos Pajor - Hellfish #1007 hails from Szekesfehervar, Hungary. Hellfish # 1196, Ryan Kemppainen, seems to be in a spot of bother here. Presumably, the Flying Hellfish was first dispatched to Normandy for the Invasion of Normandy. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on April 28, 1996.. Hellfish # 1198, Michael Brown, (kneeling) with his father, Sam Brown (Hellfish #1088 on the right) at Skydive Allegan (MI), Hellfish # 1198, Michael Brown at Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI, Hellfish # 1198, Michael Brown on a hoop dive with Larry Ekstrom (HF# 121) at Midwest Freefall. Hellfish # 1132 - Kendrick Dane doing a back flip off the Perrine in Twin Falls while Chad Henderson (Hellfish #1149) does an unpacked jump beside him. HF# 1023 Sebastian Mizgala at Skydive Tecumseh with Nick Barson. Alayna Leduc -Hellfish # 1059 (in the center), Paul Hebert (Hf #1058) getting ready to jump with Stew Elder (HF #884), Orlando Ruiz - HF #1056 - preparing to exit, Orlando Ruiz - HF #1056 over Napoleon, MI, Ramiz Toma (HF #1055) & Stew Elder (HF # 884) over Napoleon, MI, Kelly Deraedt (HF #1054) with Kenny Beach (HF #866 ) and Marty MacDonald (HF #2) over Napoleon. Hellfish # 1160 - Ross Ruder (front) at Skydive Temple in Texas with Aaron Burwell (behind Ross). Hellfish #1218, Dave Matthews at Skydive Tecumseh, Hellfish #1217, Lauren Albert at Skydive Tecumseh, Lauren getting ready to load the King Air at Skydive  Tecumseh (dutifully wearing her COVID-19 Face Mask). Hellfish # 1198, Michael Brown on a skydive with Larry Ekstrom and Florin Negrut (HF # 1159) at Midwest Freefall. This mod was released, though not in a final state, as it was cancelled a short while ago. Terry Payne - Hellfish #1097 - getting advice from Jeffey (Jeff McCarty - HF #71) before exiting. Stacey Roberts (HF # 1019) demonstrates impeccable flying on this dive - thus jeopardizing her Hellfsih membership. Moriah-Lynn Day - Hellfish # 1072 - with new husband, Chris "Topher" Day (HF#1071). Welcome to the Rock County chapter of the Flying Hellfish, a local stand-up jet skiing club. Finger-Licking Poison: Fernando Vidal's first attempt to kill Abe is to poison the water where he keeps his dentures. Hellfish # 1154 - Wendy Faulkner (top) teaching Joey Nenni (HF # 1027) some of the basics of CReW at Skydive Temple. Hellfish # 1121 - Scott Schumacher from Skydive Temple in Texas with HF # 1027 - Joey Nenni (center). We aren't sure if that harness is tandem rated. Hellfish # 1174 - Eric Johnson  doing some late season back country skiing, Hellfish # 1174 - Eric Johson (2nd from Right) with a gang of goofballs from Out of the Blue Skydiving (I think? HF # 676 - Dan Rizzo (right) on the job as Tandem Videographer at Midwest Freefall. Many squad mamebers also carry the Hellfish tatto. Christina Kase HF# 967) on the Bat Phone with Jeff McCarty (HF # 71). Samantha Baruah (HF # 1018) is on her way to an A License!! Moriah Day (HF #1072) on left in pink with Chris Day (HF#1071) on right. Hellfish # 1141 - Hugh Funk (right) with Stephanie Funk. Hellfish # 1196, Ryan K. celebrating Christmas??? Hellfish # 1116 - Norbert Rys (center) with Larry Ekstrom (HF # 121 - left) and Marty MacDonald (HF # 2 - right) @ Midwest Freefall. Get ready for lolworthy gifs! Photo by Jeromy Alexander (HF# 797), Hellfish # 1197, Ye Fan making a super soft landing at Skydive Tecumseh. Nurse: Okay, we'll do something about that right away. We are proud to have them as Members of The Flying Hellfish and we thank them for their service!! Brian Ake - Hellfish # 910 showing off his Hellfish Skills !!! Hellfish # 1124 - Ron Manter at Midwest FreeFall SPC in Ray, MI. Hellfish # 1151 - Anthony Maschek (right) with his brother Scott (HF #1150, center) and another brother in Iraq in 2006. with Adam Dennis (HF#1158), Larry Ekstrom (HF#121),Marty MacDonad (HF#2) and Norbert Rys (HF#1116)Luke Johnson flying a Piper Super Cub. Hellfish # 1155 - Staff Seargent Eric Bourquin with a teammate in front of the screen showing the Nat Geo Series. I think this was his check dive for his A License. Hellfish # 1199, Lisa Jankowski, getting ready to exit the King Air over Napoleon, MI. Josh Hohner (top left) on way to altitude to do his 1st 5-Way (beer!) Hellfish # 1131 - Lee Kizziar at a ballon festival. Zack Robinson (HF# 1009) demonstrating skills other than falling out of airplanes. Moriah Day (HF #1072) in pink on a hybrid dive with Chris Day (HF#1-71) on right. The shortest title is a tossup between season 12's "HOMЯ" and season 25's … Jacquie Henderson - HF # 1010 with "Gravy. Scott is a Licensed Firearms Instructor. Hellfish # 1134 - Joe Graff (right) with HF # 916, Katie Marrin (white suit) and HF # 1140, Brian Bostwick (left center). FLYING HELLFISH. Adam Moyer- Hellfish #1113 - over Midwest Freefall on JUne 6th, Adam Moyer (HF #1113) in the middle-front in blue. Even though this episode is pretty much the only one to feature the Flying Hellfish, at least for longer than a passing gag, Simpsons fans around the world have had the squad's insignia tattooed on them, just like Grandpa Simpson did! … That spells trouble. Hellfish # 1187,  Raj Vangari (white helmet) with Maxine Tate (center), First Flight Instructor for the Canopy Course and the rest of her canopy class. Hellfish # 1150 - Scott Maschek - in Twin Falls, ID where he grew up. Hellfish # 1161 - Stephanie Folkersma (in the corner) with Larry Ekstrom (HF #121), Hellfish # 1161 - Stephanie Folkersma - about to dock on Larry Ekstrom (HF # 121) and Adam Dennis (HF # 1158) at Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI, Hellfish # 1160 - Ross Ruder. Hellfish # 1124 -  Ron Manter (center left) doing a 5-Way with Chris Pingston (HF # 941 - center right), Jason Romanack (HF # 1114 on the left), Marty MacDonald (HF # 2 right) and Larry Ekstrom (HF #121 - taking photo). Hellfish # 1164 - Jason dickinson tracking over skydive Tecuseh in Napoleon, MI. ), Hellfish # 1173 - Jerrod Long doing a gainer off the KL Tower in downtown Kuala Lumpur in September 2018. Hellfish # 1130 - Drew Jacobs skiing in Colorado, Hellfish # 1130 - Drew Jacobs in the foreground. HF # 677 - Pam Rizzo withTandem Master, Mike Pelzer (HF #675) and Dan Rizzo following out the door. Hellfish # 1164 - Jason Dickinson with his beautiful wife Maekena. Hellfish # 1144 - Jason Bauder. Hellfish # 1192 Obaydah "OB" Hamawi jumpng at skydive Tecumseh, MI, Hellfish # 1192 Obaydah "OB" Hamawi  with Hellfish # 1188 Josh Brueckner, Hellfish # 1192 Obaydah "OB" Hamawi  introducing a friend to skydiving at Midwest Freefall, MI, Hellfish # 1190, Maxine Tate is a Canopy Piloting Instuctor with Flight-1, the training divison of Performance Designs. Presumably, the Flying Hellfish was first dispatched to … Abe: You're a gutsy daredevil with a give-em-hell attitude and a 4th grade education. Mike Pelzer checks his altitiude. I hope he jumped out of airplane rather than off those cliffs in the background. Sep 12, 2013 - The Flying Hellfish (also referred to as just "the Hellfish") was the military unit Abraham Simpson, Charles Montgomery Burns, and several other Springfieldians served in during World War II. Hellfish # 1174 - Eric Johnson (right) with Hanna Dotson (center). Hellfish # 1122 - Blaine Murphy with Jake Strain getting ready to do a tandem jump. Hellfish # 1180, Autumn Doody. Directed by Mike B. Anderson, Michael Polcino. Gem Hodges (HF # 1066) showing her Hellfish Style by jumping in her tutu. Hellfish # 1194 Molly Wilson, proudly displaying her A License stamp which was misapplied to her forehead rather than her log book. Brad Hill - Hellfish #1092 -  @ Midwest Freefall - check out that attractive and durable Hellfish Decal on his helmet. Hellfish # 1135 - Jen Johnson looking Bad Ass. Curt gets his log book signed off by Steve Kanat (HF#480) with Rex Bertrand (HF #50) looking on. Corey Hewitt (HF #1110) @ Midwest Freefall, Corey Hewitt (HF #1110) on the left with Matt Ziegler (HF # 844 - on right) and Chris Bohn (top - HF #920)  @ Midwest Freefall, Nate Plumb (center) - Hellfish #1109 - with Eric Kastanis (HF #1098 on the left) prepping for Bridge Day in West Virginia, Nate Plumb (left - HF #1109) with Robbie Roncelli (center red  - Hellfish #1064) and Eric Kastanis (center rear with GoPro - HF #1098) at Midwest Freefall, Nate Plumb - Hellfish #1109 - jumping the diving  board at the NRGB, Dominique Baez - HF #1107  (on the right), Tyler Hudson - Hellfish #1106 - with Missy Carmen (HF #1105), Missy Carmen (HF #1105) with Tyler Hudson (HF #1006). Lookin' good! Flying Hellfish nació a partir de la unión de 5 músicos en la ciudad de Tandil. ha-ha, Eric Kastanis  - Hellfish #1098 - @ Midwest Freefall. Marge: It's sick, and I don't have that kind of money to spend on sex! Join millions of people looking to find tattoo inspiration, discover artists and studios, and easily book tattoo appointments. Hellfish # 1134 - Joe Graff Tandem Instructor for Jen Johnson's father (I think). Here he is calmly telling us about it. HF # 342 - Shagggio Rodriguez (aka, Ryan Levesque) newly named DZ Manager for Skydive Tecumseh in Napoleon, MI, HF # 342 -Shaggio Rodriguez in competition, HF # 342 - Shaggio Rodriguez - Medal Winner!! Trent Campbell - Hellfish #1093 -  @ Skydive Tecumseh / Napoleon, Brad Hill - Hellfish #1092 (on the right in yellow)-  @ Midwest Freefall. Buried World War II treasure is the prize in a tontine, in which Grandpa Simpson and Mr. Burnsare the last two surviving members. Hellfish # 1128 - Jonneke van Dooren in her most serious pose. Payton Matzinger @ Z-Hills for some winter jumping with Phil Johnson, Andrew Hermetet (HF # 979) and Amanda Coltrane, Payton Matzinger Hellfish # 1000 @ Skydive Tecumseh, Tina "Lucky Day" (HF # 999) @ Skydive Tecumseh, Tina "Lucky Day" (HF # 999) with Christina Kase (HF # 967) and Alina Borovika (HF # 969), Jake Bower (HF # 998) has just had his first reserve ride (nothing out) at jump # 29. HF # 677 - Pam Rizzo with Mike Pelzer and Dan after a successful first jump. Cody has just received his A License. Nous imprimons les affiches et tirages d'art flying hellfish de la plus haute qualité sur Internet. Hellfish # 1129 - Aaron Mullins (blue jacket) with HF # 1033 - Tyler Loeffler (right) and Scott Murga (left). Hellfish #1228,  Zibby (top right) doing a hybrid dive with (4) members of the U.S. Army Golden Knights Skydiving Team. He served in the 82nd Airborne Paratroopers for 14 years. !Brian Ake - He lives to jump again. The Simpsons - Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in The Curse of the Flying Hellfish … It looks like they are both going to jump but I think Dad has a pilot's rig on?? No Jumping?? He is in the cover photo in red just getting ready to exit a cliff in Europe. He also does them off Cadillac Tower too. Hellfish #1220, Briana on her 1st  AFF Jump, Hellfish # 1171 - Kyle Reid  getting ready to turn and track. Do you owe beer? Shelby "Garage" Palmer (HF # 993) with a tandem student @ Skydive Temple in Texas, Shelby Garage Palmer flies the Texas Flag, Kelly Roy HF # 992 demonstrates his flying skills by taking out Bill Rayburn HF # 965, 991 Franz Cheng HF # 990 with Steve Kanat (HF # 480), 990 Tyler Grady HF # 990 (center) with Nick Morell (HF # 976 - left) and James Johnson (HF # 986), Amber Barney - HF # 987 & Josh Remsen - Hf # 988, Amber Barney HF # 987 & Josh Remsen - HF # 988, Billy Brown (HF # 983) & James Johnson (HF # 986), Alex Prokofjevs HF # 985 with Alina Borovika (HF # 969), Chuck Cook HF # 984 at the Perrine for the Annual Bridge Fest, Billie Brown (HF # 983) with her boyfriend, Matt Stafford, Billie Brown HF # 983 (on right) with James Johnson (HF # 986) middle, Andrew Weston Hermetet HF # 979 demonstrating the classic Hellfish Flying Skills, Phil Johnson HF # 978 with Payton Matzinger (HF# 1000), Fred Tucker HF # 970 (on right) with Bill Rayburn, Alina Borovika HF # 969 Kneeling front center, Alina Borovika HF # 969 with Alex Prokofjevs HF # 985, 968 Kristen Tebo (HF #968) IN POPS 29-Way, Michigan Record Skydive, Kristen Tebo (HF # 968) with Lucky Day (HF # 999). HF # 131 - Michael Matthews packing up at Midwest Freefall. Read our. HF # 676 & 677, Dan and Pam on the way to altitude for Pam's first skydive. HF # 675 - Michael Pelzer flyng the flag for a demo jump. Be Unique. Hellfish #1232 Sydney and "Woman's Best Friend". Katie Hawkins - Hellfish #1063 - Looking good!! Hellfish #1228, Zibby Alexander with videographer Keith Nugent (HF #807) at the Midwest Freefall 2020  "Home Grown Boogie". Anthony Bachner - Hellfish #1067 - on the right. Lee has over 1,000 jumps. Zibby was load orgnaizer and Keith was the videographer. Mike Malone- Hellfish #1006 - doing head down?? Hellfish #1230, Sean Vasbinder earns his A License at Skydive Tecumseh in August 2020, Hellfish #1230, Sean Vasbinder, and family, Hellfish #1230, Sean enjoys boating when he isn't skydiving, Hellfish #1229, Chandler Decker, after landing at Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI. Hellfish # 1119 - Cari Napier flying her wingsuit - looks like it's over Sebastian FL. Hellfish #1229, Chandler (top left standing) received his Coach's Rating at Skydive Tecumseh in late September 2020. HF # 130 - Pina Prosperi is Santa's Helper on this dive. Hellfish # 1173 - Jerrod Long doing a side exit off the Perrine in Twin Falls, ID. Landing after a wing suit jump around Moab, Utah ( I'm guessing Mineral Bottom). Hellfish # 1181, Beau Hoffman. Oh, wait, that's not the Bat Phone; that's the Banana Phone!!! Hellfish # 1165 - Luke Johnson flying a Piper Super Cub. HF # 942 Bertrand Cloutier. Nice platform; looks like a free stander which means minimal height. These photos are in reverse numerical order so that the latest Hellfish are at the top of the page. @ Midwest Freefall with Marty MacDonald (HF#2) on the left. Hellfish # 1204, SPC Michael Mercado (center) with HF# 1205 SPC KenMiller (left) and HF# 1206, SGT Michael Salsgiver (right). Hellfish #1219,Giulianno, swooping the pond at Z'Hills, Hellfish #1219, Giulianno has over 7,000 skydives and 387 BASE Jumps, Hellfish #1218, Dave Matthews. Hellfish #1232,  Sydney "Squid" Boyd. Should he even be jumping?? HF # 677 - Pam Rizzo looks like another happy customer while T.I. Fast, hard, instrumental surf hailing from Humboldt County, CA your own Pins on Pinterest Eric Kastanis (left) - Hellfish #1096 with Nate Plumb (foreground - HF # 1109) & ? Hellfish # 1161 - Stephanie Folkersma. Hellfish # 1188, Josh Brueckner, at Midwest Freefall. He served (2) tours in Iraq. Mike Claus and Rachel Kennedy walking in from a jump in an acrylic painting done by Rachel who is a professional artist. You could've made sergeant. Hellfish # 1173 - Jerrod Long in the Middle East during Operation Enduring Freedom. Discover (and save!) Under the mask is another big smile. Florin Negrut (HF # 1159) is on the left. Is he pointing to his next BASE Jump or his last Base Jump??? Others in the photo are (L to R) Marty MacDonald (HF#2), Larry Ekstrom (HF#121), Autumn Doody (HF#1180), Florin Negrut (HF# 1159), Mike Matthews (HF#130) and Nate Allen (HF#1181). Hellfish # 1128 - Jonneke van Dooren - a hard day at the office shooting Tandem Video for Freefall Thailand. Hellfish # 1207, 2LT James Tate, is the Hellfish 1-3 Squad Medic. Hellfish # 1153 - Marcus Reed - longtime skydiver, packer and FAA Rigger at Skydive Temple (TX). This photo is from Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI where Stephanie was jumping for the week-end, Hellfish # 1163 - Sam Kelly in the hanger at Skydive Tecumseh, Hellfish # 1162 - Nader Hammoud at Midwest Freefall - part of the Larry Ekstrom (HF #121) 77th Birthday Jump, Hellfish # 1162 - Nader Hammoud (on right) with Larry Ekstrom (left). The insignia on his hoodie designates Steve as  a Policeman in the City of Detroit. Lauren restocking the coolers as part of her job at Skydive Tecumseh. HF # 803 Rob Cooper - Salt Lake City, UtahHF # 803 Rob Cooper - doing a gainer off the Perrine. On the left is HF # 1164 - Jason Dickinson, in center is HF # 1163 - Sam Kelly and on the right is HF # 1165 - Luke Johnson. HF # 727 Marc Lambert - not at work, letting his hair down. Branden Minuth - SEAL Team 2 (HF #1115) Jumping into the stadium of his Alma Mater, Bay City Western H.S. Hellfish # 1205, SPC Ken Miller, receiving his Hellfish shoulder patch from SFC Geary. Please put a rig on, you are making me nervous!!! With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. Brad Hill - Hellfish #1092 -  @ Midwest Freefall packing up after the jump. Hellfish # 1131 - Lee Kizziar. Hellfish # 1179, Mike Claus, and HF #1178, Rachel Kennedy getting ready to depart the helicopter. He re-enlisted after the World Trade Center Attack. HF # 729 Miles Daisher, BASE 779, emcees the awards banquet at the 2013 Perrine Bridge Festival.

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