Camera Club Networking Workshop Recordings

On two occasions, NWCCC has hosted a Zoom-based networking workshop to discuss a variety of topics of relevance to camera clubs. The sessions were recorded and have been made available below.

April, 2023 Recordings

Session 1: Education Resources, Mentoring, and Field Trips

Session 2: Online and Hybrid Meetings, Zoombombing, Visual Pursuits

Session 3: Business Topics for Camera Clubs – Roundtable discussion

Session 4: Websites, Newsletters, Communication with Members

April, 2021 Recordings

President’s Introduction:

Session 1: Going Virtual: How to Manage Photo Clubs Online

Session 2: Websites, Newsletters and Membership Management

Session 3: Education Resources, Mentoring

Session 4: Virtual Social Events

Session 5: Business Topics of Camera Clubs