2018 NWCCC Conference with Brian Leary

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November 10, 9 AM to 5 PM  Everett Community College

Brian’s topics:
Don’t Just Take A Picture, Create An Image: 
Putting thought into your photographs

In these days of digital photography, it is all too easy to squeeze down that shutter button and hope something good comes out on the other side. By putting some preparation and thought into your images, the likelihood of you getting something you are pleased with increases exponentially. In this inspiring talk, we will look at what goes into creating a great image, from planning to execution to editing.

Time-Lapse: Using still photography to make time fly

Time-lapse videos are a fun way to compress time. They can also just be plain fun to look at! By taking a series of still pictures and combining them into a video, you too can shoot time-lapses. As a long time passion of Brian’s, he will show some of his favorites that he’s captured over the years and discuss what goes into the making of time-lapse videos.

About Brian: 
Originally from Central New York, Brian Leary has lived in Seattle for more than 15 years now. Early on in his time in the Pacific Northwest, Brian developed a severe addiction to travel. Through the benevolence of bosses at two different camera stores for more than a decade along with shooting everything from weddings to real estate on the side, Brian was able to take off months each year and explore the world with his cameras. Curious by nature he dove deep into all of the facets of photography. During this time Brian realized a talent for taking complex theories within photography and distilling them to an easy to understand level. This led to working with people in both group and individual settings to help them learn more about photography and what makes their own individual style. He eventually left the life of retail camera sales to start his own photography education and workshop company, Light Source Journeys.

Brian has been writing for the Zeiss Lenspire website since 2016 with topics ranging from nighttime landscapes to street photography and all matter of things in between. By writing, speaking, teaching and leading workshops around the USA and the world, Brian loves to share both the art form of photography along with the places and cultures he is so passionate about with new people, hopefully, giving them a similar desire to explore further and be curious. More information can be found on Brian’s website: lightsourcejourneys.com

In addition to Brian’s presentations, you will be able to choose three classes from a variety of topics and instructors. 

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